Tucker Carlson Implies Pete Buttigieg Never Served In Afghanistan


Tucker Carlson attacked Pete Buttigieg's credentials, including his time in military service overseas.

Tucker Carlson implied that former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg never served in Afghanistan.

“You really get the impression Buttigieg spent his time in Afghanistan stringing Taliban ears onto necklaces,” he speculated on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday. 

“As he told Beto O’Rourke at one of the Democratic debates, ‘I don’t need lessons from you on courage.’ Ugh. Who talks like that? Not people who’ve actually been there, that’s for sure. Phonies talk like that. And Buttigieg is nothing, if not a phony,” Carlson said. 

Yet, the former mayor was deployed in Afghanistan for seven months as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He was assigned to the Afghan Threat Finance Cell, which was a counterterrorism unit that targeted Taliban insurgency financing. 

After attacking Buttigieg’s credentials -- which include being a graduate of Harvard College and Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship and being a decorated veteran -- Carlson downplayed Buttigieg’s service by comparing him to a liar. 

Watch the clip here.


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