Trump Won’t Denounce Q-Anon Because It’s “Strongly Against” Pedophilia

Screengrab / CNBC Television / YouTube


President Trump claimed to know nothing about QAnon, except that its adherents are "strongly against" pedophilia.

At NBC’s townhall last night, President Donald Trump said he would not denounce Q-Anon because the conspiracy theory’s supporters are “strongly against” pedophilia.

  • Multiple Trump associates, including Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, have been accused of child rape.
  • The list also includes George Nader, Trump’s former business associate and convicted child molester, and John Casablancas, a now-deceased longtime friend of the president who was accused of “sexually predatory behavior” toward underage models.
  • After Maxwell was indicted on charges related to child rape, Trump wished her “well”:


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