Trump White House Overrun With Vermin

White House / Public Domain

Work orders show that the White House is overrun with cockroaches and mice.

Local NBC News affiliate News 4 obtained White House work orders revealing that the president's home is overrun with vermin - and that his Oval Office bathroom is in need of a new toilet seat.

White House officials submitted hundreds of requests in 2017 for repairs, equipment and pest control to building administrators with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), which helps manage maintenance needs in the West Wing and East Wing of the White House.

Requests were made to get a handle on mice in the White House Navy mess food service area and the White House Situation Room as well as assistance with at least four cockroach infestations on White House grounds.

Some of the projects appear large in scope. Some appear quite small. The work orders show a request to replace the toilet seat in the Oval Office in late January, and specifies the project be completed “after hours please.”

Other work orders of note:

  • Refinish the legs of two “Martha Washington chairs,” which sit in front of the fireplace in Vice President Mike Pence’s West Wing office
  • Install a DirecTV satellite DVR and TV system in the vice president’s office
  • Request to install new draperies in the first lady’s second-floor East Wing office, which specifically sought an “overall effect of the room being taller”