Trump WH Asks SCOTUS To Allow Firing Of LGBTQ Workers Because They're Gay

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William James

Trump WH asks SCOTUS to allow private companies to fire LGBTQ employees for being gay.

The Trump Administration has asked the Supreme Court of the United States to allow private companies to fire LGBTQ workers on the basis that they are gay, according to Yahoo News.

The Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to use a forthcoming handful of LGBTQ rights cases to legalize firing someone because of their sexual orientation.

In an amicus brief filed Friday, the Justice Department argued that a trio of cases set to appear before the Supreme Court this fall should be used to limit Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex.”

Under the Justice Department’s reading of Title VII, “sex” as written in the Civil Rights Act doesn’t mean sexual orientation. Therefore, they argue, the law shouldn’t be used to protect gay, lesbian and bisexual workers.

The original bill didn’t define “sex” as a term, and the Trump administration is now using that ambiguity to argue that lawmakers’ original intent focused solely on protecting women’s rights.

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