Trump Warns Of Violence And Chaos If Judges Rule Against Him

The president warned Thursday that "bedlam, chaos, injury and death" will result if judges keep disagreeing with him.

The president continued his attacks against the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Thanksgiving Day, this time implying that judges who disagree with him are increasing the likelihood that Americans will die.

Via Business Insider:

> President Donald Trump again butted heads with Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday over the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit after a federal judge blocked Trump's move to restrict access to political asylum in the US for immigrants who enter the country illegally.


> "Justice Roberts can say what he wants," Trump tweeted, referring to a rare statement from the top-ranking member of the Supreme Court defending the independence of the judicial branch of government, "but the 9th Circuit is a complete & total disaster."



> "It is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any Circuit in the Country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result," Trump tweeted.

Business Insider noted that although the court is widely viewed as one of the nation’s most liberal, Trump’s statement about its overturned rulings was misleading:

> A PolitiFact investigation in 2017 found that the Supreme Court overturned 79% of cases it reviewed from the 9th Circuit from 2010 to 2015, though less than 1% of the total number of cases ruled by the circuit court got overturned.


> Furthermore, PolitiFact found that the 9th Circuit didn't have the highest rate of cases reviewed and overturned by the Supreme Court in that period — the 6th Circuit did, with 87%.

While the president claimed he wants “the Constitution as written” and insisted that federal judges “must not Legislate Security and Safety at the Border, or anywhere else”, Roberts and other legal experts have noted that the courts are fulfilling their constitutional duties.

> The US Constitution tasks members of the federal judiciary with determining whether actions by Congress or the executive branch comply with the Constitution.

> In the case of the asylum ban, the federal judge found that Trump could not bar immigrants who enter the US illegally from seeking asylum, as it clashed with laws passed by Congress.

But Trump warned that unless the courts stop attempting to hold his administration to account, more Americans will die — presumably from rampant immigrant crime.

> "Our great Law Enforcement professionals MUST BE ALLOWED TO DO THEIR JOB! If not there will be only bedlam, chaos, injury and death. We want the Constitution as written!" Trump continued.

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