Trump Wants To Replace Sacked IGs With People Who Appear On Fox News

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President Trump reportedly has privately mused about nominating the likes of Tom Fitton for inspector general positions.

President Donald Trump reportedly has indicated in private that he would prefer to remove government watchdogs and replace them with partisan loyalists, according to The Daily Beast.

After ousting two inspectors general in the past week and launching Twitter attacks against a third, the president has mentioned replacing them with someone like Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton — a right-wing activist who frequents Fox News in defense of Trump.

Fitton is known to rant against the so-called “Deep State” where government officials conspire against the president, a conspiracy theory Trump himself has occasionally espoused.

On Tuesday, Trump said during his White House press briefing that he is nominating seven new inspectors general in a move to replace those he suggested are holdovers from the Obama era and potentially biased against him.

Glenn Fine, the acting inspector general for the Pentagon that Trump removed on Tuesday, was set to lead a panel of inspectors general overseeing the $2 trillion coronavirus relief fund set up by Congress.

Just days earlier, Trump ousted intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson, boldly admitting that he removed Atkinson over his handling of the Ukraine whistleblower complaint, which the IG rightly passed on to Congress.

That complaint led to Trump’s impeachment, though he was ultimately acquitted by the Senate.

“President Trump has engaged in a series of actions designed to prevent or neuter any kind of oversight over his actions and misconduct,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) told The Daily Beast in a statement. “I don’t think anyone should be surprised, because he’s telegraphed that he will reject any kind of accountability. But the fact that he would do this in the middle of a national crisis, when the health and safety of the American people are at stake and trillions of dollars are being allocated to help, is a new and dangerous low.”

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