Trump Wants To Punish Cities For Protesting Racism By Cutting Their HIV Funding

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain


HIV funding is on a list of 185 programs that could be nixed for cities Trump has deemed "anarchist jurisdictions."

Earlier this month, Politico obtained a list from the Department of Health and Human Services outlining federal grants for health services in four cities that could face cuts after President Trump ordered agencies to slash funding in what he has deemed “lawless.”

  • “The Trump administration has reportedly branded the Democrat-led cities as ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ because of his belief their mayors should have done more to quash anti-racism protests and riots over the summer," Pink News reported.
  • Among the grants identified for cuts are Trump’s own HIV initiative, coronavirus relief funds, and screenings for newborns in New York City, Portland, Washington D.C. and Seattle.
  • In all, the list “includes 185 grant programs that have allowed funds to be given to services in New York, Portland, Washington D.C. and Seattle since 2018,” Pink News reports.
  • The publication also noted that “Other programs around lung disease research and addiction services could also face cuts. Funding for migrant health centres could also be stripped of funding under the Trump directive."
  • The list was handed to the White House budget office, which will make the final decisions about funding cuts. This reportedly could include limiting access to future grants as well as loss of existing funds.

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