President Donald Trump wants the Republican National Committee to pay his and other administration official’s mushrooming legal bills according to the Washington Post.

It is unclear how much the dollar amount will end up being, but experts expect their collective legal fees to be in the many of millions of dollars. Some of these outside attorneys may charge more than $2000 per hour and are already working all the time in the administration’s legal matters. To give an imperfect comparison of what the Trump administration could wind up paying in legal fees, in 2006, former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling reportedly racked up $70 million in legal bills by the time his trial was over. The Enron debacle pales in comparison to the width and scope of the Russia investigation.

…Some in Trump’s orbit are pushing the Republican National Committee to bear the costs, said three people with knowledge of the situation, including one who euphemistically described the debate as a “robust discussion.” The RNC has not made a decision, in part because the committee is still researching whether the money could legally be used to help pay legal costs related to Russia. But many within the organization are resisting the effort…

Mr. Trump is still adding additional lawyers his team.

He recently hired Ty Cobb, a veteran Washington lawyer, who is a partner of the well-respected firm Hogan Lovells. It is unclear if Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz will stay with the President’s legal team.

The Washington Post reports that the President is “irritated” with him since both men are similar in nature.