Trump-Voting Farmer: “Trump Is Backstabbing The People Who Got Him Into Office"

Farmer who voted for Trump: He's backstabbing us
Farmer who voted for Trump: He's backstabbing us

CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich takes a closer look at how the US-China trade wars are negatively impacting farmers in Pennsylvania, and how this can ultimately sway...


Bill Boyd, who voted for Trump, said the president has "backstabbed" his supporters—but he will vote for him again.

In this clip, farmer Bill Boyd, a Pennsylvania Republican who voted for Trump in 2016, tells CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich that the trade war was a “bad idea”.

Discussing President Donald Trump, Boyd’s disgust for him is palpable:

Bill Boyd, Republican farmer: “I think he sort of backstabbed the main people who got him into office, in the Midwest, all those midwest states helped to vote him in, also Pennsylvania, and he just left us down”

Vanessa Yurkevich: "Will you vote for him again”

Bill Boyd, Republican farmer: “Unless they come up with a better alternative, I will vote for him again.”


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Bill is just getting that?? trump has been doing that since he could do it. Decades. Perhaps Bill should have listened and/or read about trump. I have no empathy for Bill.

MSgt Doug
MSgt Doug

Bill Boyd, this is what they call tough love.

YOU voted him into office. He screwed all of us over. Those who opposed him should get assistance. Fools... like you who fell for his snake oil sales pitch DESERVE what happens.

And, as you'll vote for him again, unless the Senate grows a conscience... (HAA! as if a rethuglicans could), so hopefully you'll lose everything and find what it's like to be destitute. Oh. No social support for you... that's contrary to rethug values, remember?


Disgusting to see those who finally get it and then will do it again! How bizarre. What makes people accept liars and backstabbers and then give excuses for them. This is a person who has lied his whole life and made his money off of backstabbing everyone, yet he gets a pass. Pathetic. Just another deplorable. Reagan lied also to get into office to the air traffic controllers, least we forget.


These are the deplorables who keep this con man in office. Don't see a better candidate??? They are either sleep deprived or the toxins from manure has affected their thought processes.


Posted this on the FB page but I'm putting it here too because I actually had to type more than three sentences and so feel a bit annoyed:

If you voted for Trump, you voted to hurt someone,
Whether it was immigrants you despise, or the LGBT community, or minorities or the handicapped or non-Christians or some other group, you voted to squelch SOMEONE'S rights.
And to cast that vote, you had to blatantly ignore everything that Donald Trump is, and that he always has been. He's never been smart enough to hide his faults, and I'm not sure he's ever even tried.
You voted for a "'businessman" who has bankrupted multiple casinos.
You voted for a "family man" who cheated on every wife with the next wife, and who cheated on at least one as she was recovering from giving birth to a son he didn't want.
You voted for a man who openly lusts after young girls, likes to brag about "grabbing them by the pussy", and has made overtly sexual remarks about his own daughter.
You voted for a man who has mocked minorities and the handicapped people. I could go on (and on and on and...l) but I think I've made the point.
You voted for this man out of anger and malice. YOU VOTED TO HURT SOMEONE.
Well, someone's getting hurt. Congratulations. I'm honestly not sure why you're whining. You did this to yourself, in spite of countless people who told you what would happen.
Sit down and shut the hell up, Farmer Dumbass. You got EXACTLY what you voted for.

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