Trump Voter: Voting For Trump Was The Biggest Mistake In My Life



Jeremy Montanez told CNN that President Trump is "doing a lot of things to ruin people's lives."

Just 18 months into Donald Trump’s presidency, some of his early supporters were already regretting casting a vote in his favor, according to interviews conducted by CNN in 2018.

One Trump voter told the network that voting for Trump was the “biggest mistake” he ever made.

“I want to apologize to the nation for my vote for him,” said Jeremy Montanez. “It was the wrong thing to do. It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Like I said, he is a racist.”

“Why do you believe he’s racist?” CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked.

“Why do I believe he’s racist? Look what happened in Puerto Rico,” Montanez responded. “They needed help. Just because they’re not white skinned, he doesn’t want to go down there and help them out?”

“He’s doing a lot of things to ruin people’s lives,” Montanez said. “I think that he’s taken this country in the wrong direction, and it’s a terrifying time for me.”

Montanez said it was when he learned of Trump administration activities at the southern U.S. border that his mind changed about the president.



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