Trump Tweets Meme Mocking Biden’s Age And The Elderly

Screengrab / @realDonaldTrump / Twitter


President Trump tweeted the meme despite polls showing he has lost significant support among seniors.

President Donald Trump is not polling well with America’s seniors, but that did not stop him from tweeting a meme mocking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s age with a photoshopped image depicting Biden as a nursing home resident.

The Daily Beast noted that recent polls show Trump “losing among voters aged 65 and older by more than 20 points, a key demographic that Republican presidential candidates have carried for 20 years.”

The president blasting out the senior-mocking meme comes days after he attempted to appeal to older voters by loudly declaring in a video that seniors are his “favorite people in the world.” He further promised that he’d make the expensive experimental treatment he received for his coronavirus diagnosis “free” to them, insisting it was a “cure” for the virus.


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