Trump Tries To Explain His Position On DACA

Michael Vadon/Flickr

President Donald Trump wandered between DACA, 'chain' migration, and the lottery system.

From President Donald Trump's Thursday interview with the Wall Street Journal:

WSJ: Speaking of being flexible it sounds as if there’s an immigration deal that has been struck amongst senators on the hill that’s been sent to the White House for approval?

Mr. Trump: Getting close.

WSJ: Have you—have you seen anything from the Senate yet?

Mr. Trump: No but it’s getting close. They—want, I feel, you know, I have great feeling for DACA. I think that we should be able to do something with DACA. I think it’s foolish if we don’t, they’ve been here a long time, they’re no longer children, you know. People talk of them as children, I mean some are 41 years old and older. But some are in their teens, and late teens, but nevertheless I think we should do something with DACA and I think we should do something to help people.

It wasn’t their fault, their parents came in, it wasn’t their fault. So we’re in the process of trying to work something out. I hope we can do it. I don’t think it has to take that long. The lottery system is a disaster, we have to get rid of the lottery system. The—as you know chain is—chain migration is a horrible situation. You’ve seen the ads, you’ve seen everything, you know all about chain.

This person on the west side that killed eight people and badly, you heard me say yesterday, badly, badly wounded about 12. I mean people losing arms and legs—nobody even talks about that. But they say killed eight and that’s it. I mean you have people—ones walking around without—missing two legs. And the person was running to stay in shape and now he’s missing two legs. Think of it.

But this person, who should’ve never been allowed into this country, came in through the lottery. When they interviewed his neighborhood, they say he was horrible. You’d say good morning to him and he’d start cursing at you. They didn’t want him so they sent him through the lottery, you know, congratulations United States.

So the lottery has to end, chain migration—he brought in they say 22 people through the chain. So we have 22 of his relatives, why? And I honestly think that the Democrats are with us on that. We’ll find out. I mean who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t be? Unless it’s somebody that didn’t love our country, and the Democrats love our country. We have different views but the Democrats love our country.

So yeah, I think, Michael, I think we have a good chance to make a deal. We have to have a wall. We don’t have a wall, we’re not doing the deal.