Trump Treasury Secretary Linked To Epstein’s Circle Of Pedophile Friends

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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin reportedly was linked to French model scout and Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel.

As the saga of Jeffrey Epstein’s illicit activity continues to unfold, another member of the Trump administration has been linked to the now-deceased sex offender, according to Business Insider.

The Daily Beast reportedly discovered a tie between Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Jean-Luc Brunel, one of Epstein’s associates who “has been accused of sexual assault, rape, and procuring girls” for the financier.

Brunel, a French modeling scout, has denied the accusations.

Mnuchin's name appears on legal documents as a "state point of contact" for Brunel's Next Management Corporation, a company he co-owns with his brother.

Business Insider explained that a “state point of contact is responsible for liaising between a company and the New York Department of State, filing legal documents and receiving lawsuits and other legal information on a company's behalf.”

But Treasury spokeswoman Monica Crowley denied in a written statement that Mnuchin had ever met Brunel let alone provided legal services for him, saying his name must be on the documents in error.

"Secretary Mnuchin never served in any official capacity in Next Management Corporation, never did any business with nor knows either of the Brunel brothers, and never had any ownership stake in Next Management Corporation or any related entities."

"Secretary Mnuchin had no knowledge whatsoever that he was listed as a point of contact — at an address he's not familiar with — for a company that he's had no dealings with. That listing was clearly an error."

President Donald Trump is also linked to the disgraced financier, having attended social events with Epstein in New York.

In an interview with New York Magazine in 2002, Trump said of Epstein: "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life."

Trump’s former Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, also had a connection to Epstein, as a district attorney in Florida who helped strike the lenient plea deal Epstein was given in the 2000s after his exploitation and abuse of girls was uncovered.

Acosta resigned over the issue earlier this year.

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JD Pearson
JD Pearson

And Watch, Trump will get away with it, like wtf Trump need to be in jail..


Trump does not dispute that he knew Epstein.... yes there are photos with Trump ...
The record will show way before Epstein had his legal issues .. Trump had already pulled his membership to Trumps resort due to Epstein hitting on the young daughter of one of Donald's friends..
No recorded of Trump on Epstein plane unlike the Clinton's ...
Trump may be a lot of things.. but being messed up with Epstein is not one of them..


A big circle of sexual predators and their cohorts: Drumpf, Epstein, Acosta, Maxwell, Cohen, Pecker, Donald Barr, Nadar... the list goes on. A while back there was news about millions of leaked phone records... I've been wondering if anyone could use those to put these people together at the same place and time... scene of the crime?


time will tell..these are strange creepy people..they do strange things in an attempt to see who they can involve and then black mail..OMG..TIME WILL TELL..In the mean time the guy is having a heart attack...


.... Oh no! Trump was in attendance at many of the same events as Epstein. That clearly PROVES Trump was in the know. ...You don't go to social functions and be political. Politicians (of any party) GO for the demand of your position, or the exposure. You do your best to be polite.
......Oh no! He took a picture with one of the thousands of people that ask.. I guess he needs to vet people to share a photograph.
...Oh no! I even saw a post where the pandemic is Trumps' fault. Wow! I didn't even know he was in China. .... It's so clear that there is true HATE in this country. Some people will post a religious saying and then there will be a hateful comment.
Can't we assess the situation with facts and vote for the betterment of our country? I 'm so sick of stupid (I mean REALLY stupid) posts.
Even if it's an important accusation - evidence is never given. If it's said, somehow it must be true. JUST GIVE THE TRUE ANSWER- HOW SO ? Don't just accuse. If you believe the media, you are truly ignorant of the entire issue. Do some investigation AND PROVE IT !!!!

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