Trump Tower: Seven Foreign Governments Rented Trump’s Condos in 2017

40 Wall Street, also known as the Trump Building in Manhattan, New York City.Photo courtesy of Max Pixel / Public Domain


The new revelation could mean that Trump breached the Constitution's emoluments clause.

According to a new report by The Daily Beast, the governments of seven different countries rented luxury condominiums in Trump’s New York World Tower throughout 2017—without congressional approval. In the eight months after Trump was inaugurated in 2017, foreign state entities sent the State Department 13 inquiries for permission to rent or to renew leases at Trump’s midtown Manhattan condominium.

Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, and the European Union were the states that were approved by the State Department to lease eight units.

But officials on Capitol Hill told Reuters that the requests for rental space were never sent to Congress. Therefore, the lease agreements potentially breach the Constitution’s emoluments clause, a section that prohibits government officials from receiving payments or gifts from foreign states without congressional consent.

House Oversight and Reform Committee chairman Elijah Cummings, in response to the revelations, said, “This new information raises serious questions about the president and his businesses’ potential receipt of payments from foreign governments... The American public deserves full transparency.”

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