Trump Tower Lawyer Leaked Identity Of Russian Witness Who Later Fell From Window

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube


Natalia Veselnitskaya—who met with Trump campaign officials in 2016— reportedly leaked the identity of a fellow Russian.

The identity of a Russian lawyer who was participating in a U.S. trial was exposed by the same Russian lobbyist who met with Trump campaign officials at Trump Tower in 2016, according to leaked emails.

The Daily Beast reported that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump Jr. and others during the election with promises of dirt on Hillary Clinton, was working on a case involving the testimony of Nikolai Gorokhov.

Gorokhov’s identity and deposition were sealed by court order, with American prosecutors citing the safety of both the attorney and his family back in Russia.

But Veselnitskaya reportedly leaked his identity. Gorokhov subsequently fell from a five-story window in Moscow, surviving with a fractured skull. He said he does not remember what caused him to fall from the window.

“The leaked emails offer an unprecedented look into the cynical world of Russia’s remorseless influence campaign within the U.S.,” The Daily Beast wrote. “Veselnitskaya was representing a company called Prevezon, which was facing an American trial over a $230 million fraud that began in Russia and implicated the Russian authorities.”

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