Trump Tower Failed To Provide A General Evacuation Announcement During Fire

According to The New York Times, no one received an official announcement to evacuate the building.

When fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower over the weekend, no evacuation announcement was issued to the building’s residents.

According to The New York Times, 76-year-old Lalitha Masson couldn’t even reach staff at the front desk.

“When I saw the television, I thought we were finished,” said Ms. Masson, who lives on the 36th floor with her husband, Narinder, who is 79 and has Parkinson’s disease. “I started praying that this was our end. I called my oldest son and said goodbye to him because the way it looked everything was falling out of the window, and it reminded me of 9/11.”

She said that she did not get any announcement about leaving, and that when she called the front desk no one answered.

Dennis Shields told a similar story -- no one instructed him to leave the building, but he did hear from President Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen:

Mr. Shields, who said he grew up with Mr. Cohen, continued: “He said, ‘Are you in the building?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You better get out ASAP.’ That’s how I knew to get out, otherwise I’d still be in there.”

The April 7 fire claimed the life of 67-year-old resident Todd Brassner and injured four firefighters.