Trump To Turn SOTU Into Live Fundraising Event


The president is using his State of the Union address to solicit donations to his campaign.

A fundraising email sent to supporters of President Donald Trump on Monday made a unique offer: anyone who donates at least $35 to Trump's campaign will have their name appear onscreen during the president's Tuesday State of the Union address.

The names will pop up on a live streaming of the speech on Trump's campaign website.

“This is a movement,” the solicitation says. “It’s not about just one of us. It’s about ALL of us. Which is why your name deserves to be displayed during Tuesday night’s speech.”

The email provided a link to make donations, where the donors can opt to contribute as much as the maximum $2,700 allowed per election.

Trump's address is expected to be self-congratulatory when it comes to the economy and will likely include an argument for and defense of his positions on immigration, trade, infrastructure and national security, says the Post.

In a separate document distributed to surrogates Monday, Trump aides said that Tuesday’s speech will be “bipartisan and forward looking” and that he will be “speaking from the heart.”