Trump To Republican Donors: “Who The Hell Cares About The Budget?”

Screengrab/The White House/YouTube


President Trump told a group of major donors: “Who the hell cares about the budget? We’re going to have a country.”

President Donald Trump indicated to Republican donors at a Friday fundraiser that he is not overly concerned about budget deficits, seemingly proving the point many Democrats have made over the years that Republicans only care about spending when they are not in power.

According to audio clips obtained by The Washington Post, Trump bragged to the donors in attendance that he increased the military budget by $2.5 trillion — “a massive sum he may have gotten to by adding several years’ budgets; the Pentagon budget for fiscal 2020 is $738 billion,” The Post noted.

He then continued, saying to those concerned about the national debt: “Who the hell cares about the budget? We’re going to have a country.”

But during President Barack Obama’s tenure, Republicans engaged in near constant hand-wringing over the budget deficit and national debt. In fact, Trump himself promised during his 2016 campaign that he would put a massive dent in the national debt.

Instead, Trump has signed massive spending bills during his first term that coupled with his 2017 tax cuts “will add $4.7 trillion to the national debt by 2029,” according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Trump’s tax cuts along “will contribute $1.8 trillion to the debt by the end of 2029,” the government watchdog said in a recent report. “Thanks to legislation passed since 2017, the nation is facing trillion-dollar annual deficits for the foreseeable future without action is almost certain to surpass the record debt levels set after World War II in the coming years.”


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