Trump To Reporter: I Take Zero Responsibility For My Impending Impeachment


"I don't take any. Zero. To put it mildly."

In this clip, President Donald Trump tells a reporter that he takes zero responsibility for being impeached. Being Trump, he answers this question in an unpresidential, and flippant fashion.

REPORTER: Do you take any responsibility for the fact you’re about to be impeached?

TRUMP: "No. I don't take any. Zero. To put it mildly."


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Are you kidding me? If he really believes what he is saying the he's gone off the rails and landed in his own private delusion. For the life of me I do not understand how anyone can still support him with his cockamamie ideas and total disregard for anyone but himself let alone the fact that he is destroying this country in ways for which there are no remedies.

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