Trump Threatens To Drop ISIS Fighters At The UK’s Borders, An Act Of War

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“They could walk back – they can’t walk to our country. We have lots of water in between our country and them."

President Donald Trump threatened to “drop” captured members of the Islamic State on the UK border if the country fails to begin repatriating the British citizens from Syria, according to The Independent.

Trump offered the warning during his press briefing on Sunday, when he announced the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and during which he called America’s European allies a “tremendous disappointment.”

“They came from France, they came from Germany, they came from the UK. They came from a lot of countries,” Trump said. “And I actually said to them, if you don’t take them, I’m going to drop them right on your border and you can have fun capturing them again.”

Trump also indicated that any ISIS militants who escape captivity in Syria will not be hunted down by the U.S., saying America will not “capture people that want to go back to Germany, France, UK and other parts of Europe.”

“They could walk back – they can’t walk to our country. We have lots of water in between our country and them,” he said.

The president issued a similar threat in August, The Independent noted, when he said the U.S. would “release [thousands of Isis fighters] to Europe” if the U.K. did not take them.

Captured ISIS fighters are being held in Syria, under the control of U.S.-allied Kurdish forces. But those forces have come under attack after Trump announced a withdrawal of U.S. troops in the region and Turkey began a long-planned, anti-Kurd offensive.

Kurdish forces were forced to pull resources from guarding prisons and camps where ISIS fighters and their families were held in order to fend off the Turkish invasion.

According to U.S. officials, at least 100 ISIS militants have already escaped in the two weeks since Trump ordered American troops removed, and Kurdish officials say about 800 ISIS family members may have also fled custody.

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To paraphrase Colin Powell when he was discussing the possibility of invading Iraq. "If you break it, you own it".

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