Trump Threatens Cohen’s Father-In-Law In Apparent Attempt To Intimidate Ex-Atty


President Trump has suggested in the past that Michael Cohen's father-in-law could be prosecuted for crimes.

Social media users were aghast when President Donald Trump appeared to engage in witness intimidation on Friday morning with a tweet referencing the father-in-law of his former attorney, Michael Cohen.

Cohen has said the president directed him to lie during his testimony before Congress regarding a Trump Tower Moscow deal that Trump was pursuing during the 2016 election — implicating the president in a crime.

Via RawStory:

Reacting to reports that former personal attorney Michael Cohen has told investigators that Trump instructed him to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project, the president angrily wrote that Cohen was “lying to reduce his jail time!”

Even more ominously, the president added that people should “watch [Cohen’s] father-in-law,” whom the president has in the past insinuated could be prosecuted for assorted crimes.

Twitter users were quick to accuse the president of witness tampering, viewing the “father-in-law” comment as a veiled threat:

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