Trump Threatened To Cut Off His Daughter Tiffany If She Joined The Military

Ali Shaker/VOA / Public Domain
William James

President Donald Trump’s prenuptial agreement with his second wife Marla Maples details a list of circumstances in which his child support could end early for his daughter, Tiffany Trump, according to Newsweek.

Vanity Fair reported that Trump could halt child support payments of $100,000 when Tiffany turned 21 years old, if she joined the military, if she joined the Peace Corps., or if she accepted a full time job.

Maples wanted to marry Trump in 1993 after giving birth to Tiffany.

Trump agreed because it would calm his conservative parents and anxious investors, but he made sure to include a thorough prenuptial agreement before the wedding, an agreement which included paying 14 million to Maples. Maples and Trump separated 4 years later.

Trump appears to have a stronger relationship with his older children than with Tiffany, however, she has still displayed affection for her father via social media and by attending some of his official events.

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