Trump Thinks He Can Outsmart Mueller At His Interview With Him

Despite his lawyer’s urging to the contrary, President Trump intends to meet with Robert Mueller.

President Donald Trump really wants to sit down to an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. He said as much to reporters last week, and according to sources close to the president, Trump still feels the same.

But White House attorneys have counseled Trump against the move, citing his penchant for "making false statements and contradicting himself" as to why an interview could be dangerous.

It is not surprising that Trump would believe himself capable of going head-to-head with Mueller. The president has made mention of his intelligence, IQ, and "very good brain" on numerous occasions.

But would that bravado be enough for a successful interview?

"He thinks he can work this," one person familiar with Trump's thinking told CNN's Sara Murray. "He doesn't realize how high the stakes are."

Unfortunately, innocent or not, testifying on one's own behalf is not always the wisest choice:

[O]f course, lots and lots of people don't testify -- for all sorts of reasons including the possibility they might incriminate themselves or because they may be a less-than-stellar witness and actually hurt their case.

But Trump does not seem concerned about such outcomes.

An honest take on Trump's desire to meet with Mueller also must include the element of bravado - Trump clearly seeks to dominate those he perceives as his superiors.

That eats away at Trump. His natural instincts are to take down these idols that people hold. Jeb Bush. Barack Obama. John McCain. In Trump's mind, he cut all of these people -- and lots more -- down to size when they came up against him. He almost certainly wants to make Mueller the most recent name on his wall. And he can't do that if he won't sit down with Mueller.

No final decision has been made, but the chances seem good that Trump will get to go head-to-head with Mueller in an effort to clear his name and throw down another of his perceived enemies.