Trump Tells Seniors He Will Prevent Others From Being On Medicare


While speaking in Florida, Trump forcefully attacked Democrats and called his political rivals “maniacs”.

President Donald Trump attacked “Medicare for All” on Thursday while addressing a retirement community in the swing state of Florida and was met with enthusiastic cheers, according to The Hill

Trump sought to portray himself as the protector of Medicare for seniors, in comparison to Democratic plans to expand the program to everyone. “The last administration frankly was moderate compared to the maniacs you’re hearing from today,” he said, pointing to Elizbeth Warren, as his apparent leading challenger.

“They want to raid Medicare to fund a thing called socialism,” Trump said of Democrats.

Although Warren argues that the Medicare For All plan would provide government health insurance to everyone with no premiums or deductibles, Trump contended that expanding Medicare would require tax increases and jeopardize the program for seniors. 

Trump recently signed an executive order to strengthen Medicare Advantage, the arm of Medicare that is administered by private insurers that Republicans warn would be abolished under Medicare for All.

Yet, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said in a statement, “This executive order is an admission that the President and Republicans are worried that American voters can see through their health care ploys.”

While Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act were temporarily defeated, Trump has rolled out a series of health care initiatives, including efforts to lower drug prices and increase transparency in health care. 

However, Republicans are focusing not only to repeal the ACA, but to additionally attack the Democrats’ Medicare for All plans. Supporters argue that while taxes would increase, most people’s total costs would go down, given that premiums and deductibles would be eliminated.

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