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The Trump Administration is celebrating the acquittal of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn after charges pertaining to the Mueller investigation were dropped. President Donald Trump and his team see value in Flynn’s presence, with one individual in Trump's orbit calling him their “Nelson Mandela”, reports the Daily Beast.

President Trump had fired Flynn in 2017, claiming that he had lied and was unfit for his administration. But some close to Trump say that he had always liked Flynn, and he even said that he wanted Flynn to be appointed to “something good” within his administration if the law allowed. Just last week, Trump told reporters he would “certainly consider” bringing Flynn back into his administration.

“Trump feels really, really, really bad about firing him, and he genuinely thinks if the investigation is over Flynn can come back,” a White House official said in May 2017 right after Flynn’s firing. Now, the administration is looking to put Flynn in a public role, like some venerated hero, proof of the right's success in Trump's impeachment.

“Years ago when Nelson Mandela came to America after years of political persecution he was treated like a rock star by Americans,” John McLaughlin, one of President Trump’s chief pollsters, told The Daily Beast on Thursday evening. “Now after over three years of political persecution General Flynn is our rock star. A big difference is that he was persecuted in America.”

The comparison is cringe-worthy. Mandela has received a Nobel Peace Prize among 250 other honors for his humanitarian and social justice work. Even after his presidency where he combated poverty, pursued and punished human rights abuses, and instituted land reform, he set up a foundation focused on helping those with HIV/AIDS. Mandela had been imprisoned and arrested for fighting apartheid and racial segregation; Flynn was in legal trouble for lying and helping undermine American democracy.

Despite the differences, the Trump team looks to use Flynn as a tool to stir up anger against the Russia probe. It's safe to say that we haven't seen the last of Flynn.

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