President Donald Trump has tapped a well-known climate denier to the top science job at the Department of Agriculture.

Aside, from being a climate-denier, Mr. Clovis lacks any formal education in the sciences at the college or graduate level. He is also a former right wing radio host.

Mr. Clovis has a B.S., M.B.A., and a D.P.A., though none of these degrees are associated with the sciences or mathematics. His M.B.A. is in general business administration, so he cannot even claim that he has a strong grounding in finance (which still wouldn’t come close to cutting it).

During the primaries, Mr. Clovis accused Sec. Hillary Clinton of being so ill that she was “wobbly and frail” according to Politico:

She just seems a little wobbly and a little frail,” Clovis said. “And I think that that’s something, and anybody that’s ever been on the campaign trail, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running for county supervisor or you’re running for president of the United States, it takes a toll, physically and mentally on the individual. And I think that she really probably needs longer rest periods.”

Ricardo Salvador, director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, expressed dismay at the appointment of Mr. Clovis to Think Progress:

If the president goes forward with this nomination, it’ll be yet another example of blatant dismissal of the value of scientific expertise among his administration appointees,” Salvador said. “Continuing to choose politics over science will give farmers and consumers little confidence that the administration has their interests at heart.”