Trump Taking Credit For Killing Regulations That Were Never Enacted

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

President Trump has grossly overestimated the number of regulations cut by his administration.

Last month at a meeting with House Republican Leaders and Republican Members of the House Ways and Means Committee, President Donald Trump said his administration has cut more regulations in ten months than any other president during his entire term. Press Secretary Sarah H. Sanders put the number around 1,000 regulations cut.

But is this truly the case?

According to Bloomberg, rather than having killed a thousand regulations, only a handful have been removed from the books. The total Sanders and Trump have referred to were never on the books in the first place.

The White House says it has killed or stalled 860 pending regulations. It’s done this by withdrawing 469, listing another 109 as inactive and relegating 282 to “long term.”

Bloomberg also found that even those claims are inaccurate.

Hundreds of the pending regulations had been effectively shelved before Trump took office. Others listed as withdrawn are actually still being developed by federal agencies. Still more were moot because the actions sought in a pending rule were already in effect.

Stuart Shapiro, a Rutgers University professor who served as a regulatory analyst under administrations of both parties, said the White House has "overstated" what is has accomplished thus far.

“The claims about deregulatory accomplishments serve a political purpose that makes it appear as if more has happened than has actually happened,” Shapiro said. “In real policy terms, the types of accomplishments the Trump administration is touting will take years and years.”