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The Trump administration is planning to “wind down” the White House coronavirus taskforce, even as the pandemic continues to spread across the country, reports the New York Times. The disbanding of the task force may never be formally announced and there’s no clear replacement.

Meetings for the task force have been canceled, and the weekly Saturday meetings which used to be a staple have not even been planned. During briefings and appearances, President Donald Trump no longer has his task force flanking him on either side.

Olivia Troye, the top advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, has announced to officials that they should expect the task force to slow down in the coming weeks.

A senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss internal deliberations, said the task force will be winding down as the White House moves toward Phase One of Mr. Trump’s plan to “open up” the country. The focus now will be on therapeutics, vaccine development and testing, the official said.

Jared Kushner’s “shadow” task force, which has made moves silently, causing criticism, is likely to continue its work.

The task force hasn’t been the best functioning force in Washington, but it was the only anchor to Trump’s whims that America had. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex M. Azar was ousted as the task force’s leader, Trump’s briefings turned into hours-long grievances, and false hopes (like the anti-malaria drug “cure” pushed by the president) were handed out without evidence or fact to back them up. But still, the task force gave loose organization to the administration’s effort. Now Trump can act unchecked by medical personnel.

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