Trump ‘Surprised’ Grieving Parents Of British Teen With White House Meeting

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The president wanted the British parents to meet the woman who killed their son, saying she was at the White House too.

Possessing a cruelty that seemingly knows no bounds, President Donald Trump surprised the parents of the British teenager killed in the UK by an American diplomat’s wife, who thought they were at the White House to meet a “senior official” but came face-to-face with Trump instead.

According to New York magazine, the parents of Harry Dunn — who was killed when Anne Sacoolas pulled out on the wrong side of the road in the UK and hit the teen, throwing him from his motorbike — told CBS This Morning that they were handed another surprise as well.

Trump told them that Sacoolas, the woman who killed their child, was also at the White House — and he wanted them to meet her. “There was a bit of pressure, but we stuck to our guns,” Dunn’s father said, despite the president asking “two or three times” that they meet her.

Though British officials asked Trump to waive immunity for Sacoolas that she might be held accountable for the accident, the president has declined to do so. Radd Seiger, the family's spokesperson, said he does not believe Sacoolas has immunity to begin with but added “that waivers are always granted in these circumstances.”

While such behavior seems unfathomable to most people, New York magazine’s Sarah Jones offers an insightful explanation of Trump’s actions:

Trump revels in his power, considers himself unaccountable to anyone, and perceives the U.S. as an extension of himself, entitled to the same privileges. It doesn’t matter who Sacoolas is or whom she killed or where she killed him. She’s an American, and to Trump, maybe that’s all that matters.

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Trump has almost as much emotional intelligence as a dirty diaper


It’s disgusting! Trumpster trying to turn the meeting into a photo op! He is just lower than pond scum!


I know someone TRUMP can meet, his MAKER!

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