Trump-Supporting Security Guard Kills Black Man In Tulsa Hotel Parking Lot

Tulsa county sheriff's office

Artivia Tahir

A security guard who shot an unarmed black man is discovered to be a Trump supporter

A white security guard shot and killed an unarmed black man in a hotel parking lot attack in Tulsa, Oklahoma, earlier this month, according to The Guardian.

  • Christopher Straight has been charged with manslaughter after killing Carlos Carson, a 36-year-old unarmed African American father of three, who reportedly had his back turned when the attack began, according to security footage.
  • The report states that Straight “worked as a guard at the city’s jail under the command of Tulsa county sheriff’s office.”
  • Carson was a guest at the hotel, and his car was vandalized during his stay. After becoming upset about the vandalization, Carson was asked to leave.
  • When Carson returned to the property a few minutes later, Straight began an unprovoked attack on Carson, spraying him with pepper spray as he walked away from Straight’s truck.
  • Carson proceeded to confront Straight, leading to a struggle that resulted in Straight shooting Carson in the head, killing him.
  • Straight admitted to police that Carson “did not actually make an aggressive move towards him to provoke him” and said he had used the pepper spray to “deter” Carson. He also said his plan was to detain Carson for trespassing until the authorities arrived.
  • Carson’s family believes he was struggling with mental health issues when he checked into the hotel for a few days. His brother Ananias Carson spoke about his brother, saying:

“We’re not trying to paint him out to be an angel or saint. But no one needs to be assaulted, then shot, because they defended themselves.My brother didn’t deserve what he got, especially in the manner that it happened.”

Straight has been accused of racist behavior in the past by former colleagues as well as inmates who have accused him of negligence.

  • The Guardian reported that “Straight had been reprimanded for several infractions during his work as a detention officer at the Tulsa county sheriff’s office.”
  • In addition, the report states that “In a 2015 sworn deposition, Godwin Ehiremen, a former prison guard who is black, said Straight suggested he was in the country illegally and was going to investigate his green card.”
  • Straight also shared a meme on Facebook the day before he killed Carson that read:

“How about all lives matter. Not black lives, not white lives. Get over yourself no one’s life is more important than the next. Put your race card away and grow up.”

  • He also shared images on Facebook that show his support for President Trump such as photos of him wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, according to Raw Story.

Read the full report.

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What was the outcome of the vandalization investigation? Were there cameras? How did the hotel first respond to a guests complaint? No one should be dead here. The hotel management has a lot to answer for as well. The shooter isn't bully and racist because he supports Trump. His being a bully and racists is why he supports Trump.


Exactly mjfoysr1 and ditto " The shooter isn't bully and racist because he supports Trump. His being a bully and racists is why he supports Trump."


This is Felony Murder, ie MURDER 2 so why the fuck wasn't he charged correctly? Far to often the DA's of this country decide to under charge white defendents and over charge black ones.


assume missing critical thinking portion of rai


Where is the indictment? Or is Tulsa, where I lived for 25 years, still living in 1921?

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