Trump Supporters Turn On Dr. Fauci, Claiming He’s A Member Of The Deep State

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The Gateway Pundit, a member of the far-right media, called Dr. Anthony Fauci a "Hillary Clinton fanboy."

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has emerged as one of the most widely respected members of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force.

But Fauci and the president have clashed on more than one occasion, as Trump puts political spin on the public health crisis and the doctor works to keep the public informed with vital information — and Trump supporters just aren’t having it.

According to The Independent, pro-Trump blogs and commentators have accused Fauci of siding with the so-called “Deep State” after the infectious disease expert poured cold water on the president’s desire to see the U.S. open for business by April 12 — Easter Sunday.

“Podcast host, Ben Mitchell, said he hoped Mr Trump was listening, and called the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) ‘Dr Doom Fauci,’” The Independent noted.

Mitchell also wrote on Twitter: “Has anyone else noticed that every suggestion by Dr Doom Fauci just happens to also be the worst possible thing for the economy? That’s not an accident folks. That’s Hillary.”

The Gateway Pundit, another far-right source, reportedly described Fauci as a “Hillary Clinton fanboy.”

Fauci has offered a more cautious and realistic approach to reopening the U.S. economy as the 15-day social distancing effort draws to a close, arguing that the timeline must remain “flexible,” after Trump said he wanted churches packed for Easter Sunday services.

The president and many other conservative voices pivoted this week as the economic toll on the country began to worsen, with record unemployment numbers and a weary stock market — yet signs that the epidemic was only growing worse in a number of hotspots across the U.S. are difficult to ignore.

But not all Republicans, or even all Trump supporters, have lost faith in Fauci.

“I think he’s obviously excellent at his job, and I think he’s aware that he’s on that stage to offer detail and help finesse language, and he seems cool with it,” Raheem Kassam, the former editor of Breitbart London and host of the podcast “War Room”, said, according to The Independent.

Trump also maintains that his relationship with the doctor is “very good.”

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Unbelievable! Is Hillary the only name that comes to mind for EVERYTHING that happens? I guess trumpettes have to think with a one-track mind or fear derailing. If they have the word Hillary written on their hand they don't have to memorize any other name.

No. 1-2

Get over yoursef and Trump the dump. Fauci is knowledgeable, brilliant and he can keep people alive if they will listen. May you not listen, so that the fact that this is real will come to you. By the way, take ibuprofen, it will speed the process.

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