Trump Supporter’s Racist Rant At Asian Family: ‘Trump Is Gonna (Expletive) You’

Screengrab / jordanlizchan / Instagram

Artivia Tahir

A white man in California goes on a racist tirade against an Asian family in a restaurant

A white patron of a Monterey restaurant launched an unprovoked attack against an Asian family, harassing them and shouting racial expletives, according to Raw Story.

  • The man was captured on video and appears to be sitting alone while shouting at the family, saying:

“Trump is gonna f*ck you! You f*ckers need to leave! You f*cking Asian piece of sh*t!”

  • A server stepped in to tell the man to leave, saying, “Get out! … No! You do not talk to our guests like that!”
  • Following the incident, the man was criticized on social media, to which he responded:

“Great food for u – leave our planet. Asian f*ck. Come near me or my people and u r f*cking dead. Do not start. U f*cking piece of shot (sic).”

  • This attack comes as there reportedly have been over 800 hate incidents towards Asian people in California since the start of the pandemic.

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