Trump Supporter: “I Just Believe Whatever’s Wrong, He’s Gonna Fix Right.”

Screengrab / CNN / YouTube


None of the Trump supporters CNN spoke with at Trump's Georgia rally were upset the president failed to condemn QAnon.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman spoke with supporters of President Donald Trump at his rally in Macon, Georgia, on Friday to ask what they thought of Trump’s refusal to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory during last week’s town hall.

  • Some were strong supporters of QAnon, Tuchman said, while others seemed to know little about it. But what they all had in common was that none were willing to condemn the president’s strategy for dealing with the issue.
  • One woman sporting a QAnon shirt was pulled away by another woman after Tuchman asked if she believed in the QAnon theory about satanic pedophilia. Before she made her exit, the woman answered yes.
  • Another woman said it is CNN trying to make people believe “crazy stuff,” not QAnon.
  • Yet another woman said it doesn’t bother her that Trump failed to denounce QAnon, because “he wants to put everything out there so you can judge for yourself.”
  • Another woman said she had heard QAnon’s claims before, to which Tuchman replied: “All due respect, ma’am, hearing it is not meaning it’s true.”
  • She responded: “I just believe whatever’s wrong, he’s gonna fix right," adding that she was talking about Trump.
  • “He can tweet anything he wants, because we love him. We trust him,” another woman told Tuchman.

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