Trump Supporter Charged In Attempted Terrorist Plot Against Muslims

Screengrab/CBS This Morning/YouTube


Patrick Stein and two other men planned to bomb an apartment complex home to Somali refugees.

A Kansas man who conspired to bomb a Garden City apartment complex home to Somali refugees about a month before the 2016 presidential election is currently on trial in Wichita.

Patrick Stein -- who thought Trump was “the Man,” -- and his alleged partners, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen, saw their plans unravel after Stein sought materials from a weapons dealer.

According to HuffPost, Stein met with the man in a Kansas field to begin the deal.

“I’m sick of seeing these motherfuckers coming into this country,” Stein told the man, referring to Muslim refugees. “They’re here for one reason and one reason only.” Unless they did something soon, Stein said, the Muslim takeover would begin.

Unbeknownst to Stein, however, the weapons dealer was an undercover FBI agent.

Days later, the feds would indeed snatch Stein up, charging him with a litany of federal offenses in connection with a bomb plot targeting Somali refugees residing in an apartment complex in Garden City.

Eighteen months later, Stein and his alleged co-conspirators Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen are on trial in Wichita in a case that touches on some of the hottest issues of the day: Islam, Facebook, guns, terrorism, the FBI and Donald Trump.

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