Trump Suggests An ‘Incredible’ Trade Deal With North Korea Is In The Works

White House Photo/Public Domain


The president hinted that he might be working on a trade deal with his buddy, Kim Jong Un.

During a rambling chat with reporters at his Monday Cabinet meeting, President Donald Trump hinted that his administration is working on a potential trade deal with North Korea, according to The Week.

Bringing up trade deals in general, Trump said the agreements he is working on are “incredible.” Then he brought up North Korea — either by accident, intending to say South Korea instead, or on purpose, because he truly hopes to strike a deal with Kim Jong Un.

"These trade deals are incredible," Trump said. "Whether it’s North Korea, South Korea — probably, something is going to be happening with North Korea too. There’s some very interesting information on North Korea. A lot of things are going on. And that's going to be a major rebuild at a certain point."

Earlier in his remarks, Trump again mentioned his rapport with Kim, saying, “I like Kim; he likes me. We get along. I respect him; he respects him.”

Read his full remarks here.

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Trump would say anything at this point to get some positive p.r.


As usual, the Orange Shit Stain is talking out of his ass. Kim doesn’t respect Donnie. KJU knows he can play him like a fiddle with a little flattery. Whatever “deal” is struck, it won’t be good for the US or South Korea.

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