Trump Spox Defends His Use Of ‘Lynching’, Claims Controversy Is Media-Generated

Brian J. Karem on Twitter
Brian J. Karem on Twitter

“Hogan Trying to defend the use of the word “lynching””


Hogan Gidley was pressed several times to acknowledge that "lynching" was a problematic word to use. He refused.

After President Donald Trump compared the impeachment inquiry against him to a “lynching” on Tuesday, his White House spokesman attempted to defend the president’s use of the word.

Trump’s tweet — which read in part, “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here - a lynching” — garnered immediate criticism from lawmakers and the media.

But Hogan Gidley worked to defend Trump’s use of the term while speaking to reporters outside the White House.

One reporter noted that the term “lynching” has “a dark record in America’s history” and resulted in some “4,700 deaths.”

Gidley immediately framed the controversy as media-generated, saying, “I understand that there are many people in the media who don’t agree with [Trump’s] language,” prompting a reporter to interject: “Lawmakers as well, not in the media, sir.”

But the official simply moved on, saying he wanted to talk instead about “what the president has actually done for the African-American community.”

Pressed several times to acknowledge that the term “lynching” is a “bad word,” Gidley refused.



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