Trump Shared Tweet Claiming He Is "Heaven Sent", Obama "Kicked Jesus Out" Of US


“Obama kicked me out. Trump invited me back,” read the tweet with an image of Jesus.

During a holiday vacation at his Palm Beach hideaway, President Donald Trump promoted a tweet suggesting that President Barack Obama “kicked” Jesus out of the United States — and that Trump invited the Savior back in, according to The Independent.

The retweet, which included an image of Jesus with the words “Obama kicked me out. Trump invited me back,” came during a string of tweets the president posted in the days following Christmas.

“I truly believe this man was heaven sent in order to save and protect the most gracious, benevolent, and in turn, prosperous country ever,” the original tweet commented along with the image.

The Independent noted that the talk about “Jesus Christ, a man who is thought to have been from the Middle East, also comes as refugee resettlement in the US has dropped to ‘historic lows’ during the Trump presidency.”

Trump added a “Thank you!” to the post along with his retweet.

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