Trump Set To Block California From Setting Its Own Auto Emissions Standards


California has been allowed to set its own emissions standards for nearly 50 years. Trump is about to change that.

More than a year ago, the Trump administration threatened to revoke California’s waiver allowing the state to determine its own auto emissions standards, and now it appears the president is ready to do exactly that.

California has been granted the legal right to set its own emissions standards for almost 50 years, and more than a dozen other states typically follow its lead.

But according to Yahoo News, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to change that on Wednesday, likely escalating the ongoing legal battle between California and the White House.

President Donald Trump is set on undoing President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a provision of which “mandates that automakers double the fuel economy of all new cars and light trucks.”

Last month, the president blasted a handful of automakers for reaching a voluntary agreement with California regarding fuel efficiency rules, calling them “politically correct Automobile Companies” with “foolish executives.”

Yahoo News reported that making the change could prove difficult: “A New York University School of Law report last year found that the EPA lacks the legal authority to withdraw the congressionally-granted waiver, and no president has ever tried.”

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