Trump Separated Baby Constantin From His Family And Gave Him To Another One


The 4-month-old Constantin spent 5 months in Michigan before being reunited with his parents in Romania.

The Trump administration placed a 4-month-old migrant boy with a foster family in Michigan after separating him from his parents at the Southern border, according to a recent investigation by The New York Times.

Constantin Mutu became the youngest child separated from his family by the administration's “zero-tolerance policy,” after he was apprehended along with his father Vasile in Texas.

The little boy rejoined his family in Romania after spending 5 months in the Mid-Western state, his return made possible by a judicial ruling to reunite families, which followed a presidential executive order to halt separations.

The baby’s family immigrated to Mexico with two of their five children in 2018 and hoped to make it to the U.S. eventually.

Constantin’s father was sent to a detention camp and subsequently deported to Romania. Vasile, who had a criminal record, claims he was forced to drop his request for asylum.

The child's mother, Florentina, and his 4-year-old brother returned to the European country after getting lost in Mexico.

Constantin’s story was the subject of the latest episode of the Weekly, a New York Times show broadcast on FX and Hulu.

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