Trump Sent Kim Jong Un A ‘Happy Birthday’ Message


President Trump wishes Kim Jong Un a happy birthday despite the North Korean leader's plans to debut a new weapon.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a birthday message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un via South Korea, in the latest exchange of personal greetings between the two leaders, according to Bloomberg.

South Korea’s National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong told reporters at Incheon International Airport on Friday that Trump made a request to send his greetings to Kim, whose birthday was on Wednesday. 

“He had a well-wishing message that he wanted South Korean President Moon Jae-in to deliver to Chairman Kim Jong Un,” he said. 

Chung and Shigeru Kitamura, his Japanese counterpart, met with Trump in Washington on Wednesday. Chung reported that South Korean officials delivered Trump’s message to North Korean authorities through “appropriate measure,” but did not elaborate further. 

Trump claimed that he and Kim “fell in love” after they first met in Singapore in June 2018, despite previously trading insults and threats of nuclear strikes in 2017. Kim sent personal correspondence to Trump in June last year in which he wished the U.S. president a happy birthday. 

Kim started 2020 by declaring that he was no longer bound by his pledge to halt major missile testing despite maintaining the appearance of good personal ties with Trump. Kim said he would soon debut a “new strategic weapon.”

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