Trump Seeks To Make 55,000 Children Homeless By Barring Them From Public Housing

Screengrab / CBS News / Youtube

Trump seeks to make over 50,000 children homeless because their parents could be undocumented.

On Friday, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approximated that more than 55,000 citizens and legal U.S. residents under the age of 18 could lose their homes by a Trump administration proposal to remove undocumented immigrants from government-subsidized housing, The Hill reports.

The proposal published Friday would create stricter restrictions on undocumented migrants who are permitted to live in public housing. Last month, HUD Secretary Ben Carson backed the idea because it would “make certain our scarce public resources help those who are legally entitled to it.”

According to The Washington Post, the HUD found that, out of those that would face eviction if the plan is implemented, 50 percent are children who legally qualify for government assistance.

At the moment, rules permit families whose members are of different immigration statuses to receive public housing funding as long as at least one member qualifies for eligibility. But the new proposal initiated by Stephen Miller, a White House aide notorious for his hard stance on immigration, stipulates that every family member be of “eligible immigration status.”

Roughly 25,000 households, or about 108,000 people, have at least one person that is not of eligible immigration status, according to the HUD analysis. But in these mixed households, 55,000 children are legally qualified for public housing.

“HUD expects that fear of the family being separated would lead to prompt evacuation by most mixed households,” the report said. “Temporary homelessness could arise for a household, if they are unable to find alternative housing.”

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