Trump Seeks To Implicate Mitt Romney In Biden/Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

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Trumpworld is claiming that Sen. Mitt Romney voted against the president in order to hide his own Ukraine corruption.

Trump world is working hard to keep the Biden/Burisma narrative alive heading into the 2020 presidential election, and now that entails dragging Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) into the mix, according to Politico.

President Donald Trump breathed new life into a far-wing conspiracy theory — that Romney voted to convict the president on abuse of power in order to conceal his own involvement in the the Ukraine scandal — by tweeting about the conspiracy after his acquittal.

Politico reported that over the weekend, Trump “retweeted several conservative personalities and stories attempting to connect the Republican senator to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and its former board member Hunter Biden.”

The theory has been around for months, making its debut in September on the American Thinker, a conservative opinion website. But Trump elevated the story to new heights with his retweets.

The theory centers on Joseph Cofer Black, who Politico noted is a former CIA agent and was also a national security adviser for Romney’s 2012 campaign. Black also happened to sit on Burisma’s board about six months after Hunter Biden stepped down.

A Romney spokesperson told the publication in a statement that “there were hundreds of informal policy advisers to the Romney campaign. If you were a Republican policy expert at that time, chances are you were part of that group.”

Ryan Williams, a former spokesperson for the senator, told Politico that several of Trump’s allies were Romney advisers in 2012 — including Jay Sekulow, who represented the president during his impeachment trial, and Robert O’Brien, Trump’s current national security adviser.

“You’re watching the conspiracy laundromat in action,” Republican consultant and Trump critic Rick Wilson told Politico. “What they do is that they punch [a theory] out to [hypothetical] Twitter user @MagaKing907525462, and then it’ll get retweeted by some dipshit like Dan Bongino or John Cardillo, and then it’ll get picked up by Breitbart, and then the Federalist will pick up on it and then from the Federalist it’ll go to Fox. And then lather, rinse, repeat.”

“They’ve recognized that no matter how tangential and ephemeral the connection, they’re going to do everything they can in order to get back into this ridiculous narrative of Burisma,” Wilson added.

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