Trump Says WH May Reject FDA’s Tougher Emergency Vaccine Approval Standards

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President Trump said the FDA plan “has to be approved by the White House. We may or may not approve it.”

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the Food and Drug Administration’s more stringent plan for emergency approval of a coronavirus vaccine “sounds like a political move” and may end up rejected by the White House.

The Washington Post reports:

Trump said he had “tremendous trust in these massive companies” developing prospective vaccines and suggested that they, not federal regulators, could best determine when a vaccine should be made available to the American people. “When you have great companies coming up with these vaccines, why would they [the FDA] have to be, you know, adding great length to the process? We want to have people not get sick.”

The FDA’s plan is part of an effort by the agency to increase transparency and build public trust in the vaccine — something that has been difficult given the White House’s repeated interfering with government health agencies. But Trump said late Wednesday that the plan “has to be approved by the White House. We may or may not approve it.”

Trump has repeatedly said a coronavirus vaccine will be ready before Election Day, despite public health officials disagreeing with his timeline.

The proposed FDA standards, if implemented, would make that highly unlikely, according to two people familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss information before it is made public. More likely, vaccines would be cleared in mid- to late November or December, or even later.

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