Trump Says He May Not Reach Out To 2020 Swing Voters

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

The president believes his base will carry him to a second victory in 2020, but some political analysts aren't so sure.

President Donald Trump said his strong base may spare him the trouble of reaching out to swing voters during his 2020 reelection bid, according to a Time Magazine interview cited by Politico.

Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and is the only president in history that has failed to attain an approval rating above 49 percent. The former businessman, however, said he was “not sure” he would have to reach out to swing voters since his base of support is strong.

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale echoed those sentiments, saying the president’s 2020 bid is about turnout. “People all think you have to change people’s minds. You have to get people to show up that believe in you,” he said in the same interview, published on Thursday.

The president suggested that he is not aiming for the middle voter during his campaign’s first rally on Tuesday when he repeated familiar lines of attack against Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton.

Political analysts, however, have expressed doubts about the president’s ability to secure the presidency with the same coalition he built during the last elections. The president’s hold on the traditionally Democratic states he carried in 2016 is tenuous, notes Politico.

Joe Biden and a number of other Democratic candidates are currently ahead of the president, according to recent polls reviewed by the outlet.

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