Trump Says He Has No Regrets On His COVID Response

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Asked if he would do anything differently if he had a 'do-over', President Trump said, "Not much."

After President Donald Trump skipped out early on his ‘60 Minutes’ interview Tuesday, he met up with Sinclair’s Eric Bolling for a town hall that included discussion of the president’s coronavirus response.

Mediaite reports that Trump expressed no regrets when asked about his administration’s approach to the pandemic that has now killed more than 220,000 Americans.

On the coronavirus response more generally, Bolling asked, “With covid, is there anything that you think you could have done differently — if you had a mulligan or a do-over on one aspect of the way you handled it, what would it be?”

“Not much,” the president said. “Look, it’s all over the world. You have a lot of great leaders, a lot of smart people — it’s all over the world. It came out of China. China should’ve stopped it.”

“No, not much,” he reiterated. “I did it very early.”


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It is sad to see the condition of the USA. World thinks the USA could have done a better job against the COID 19. They did the testing but failed to reduce the number of affected persons and deaths. But I think using safety equipment could have helped a lot as lots of doctors and frontline workers are not affected at huge numbers. It would be better to wear the PPE and maintained distance.

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