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President Donald Trump has historically fared very well with older Americans. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues, vulnerable seniors disapprove of the president's actions reports the Christian Science Monitor.

  • The Monitor reports that even a small shift among this voter block could spell disaster for Trump's reelection efforts.
  • From March until the end of April, support among seniors has dropped a massive 20 points, according to a Morning Consult poll.
  • In light of this information, seniors are now the #1 critics of the president after 18- to 29-year-olds.
    “The people my age, we have become dispensable,” says Wendy Penk, a lifelong Republican in her 60s from Charlotte, North Carolina [who voted for Trump in 2016].
  • In a 6-to-1 margin, seniors believe the Trump administration should focus on the health of the country before the health of the economy.

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