Trump’s Vacation At His ‘Winter White House’ Pushes Taxpayer Golf Tab Past $118M

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President Trump's golf habit has now cost taxpayers the equivalent of 296 years of the $400,000 presidential salary.

President Donald Trump headed to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, last week — or as he likes to call it, the “Winter White House” — and in so doing pushed his taxpayer-funded golf tab beyond $118 million, according to HuffPost.

The publication noted that Trump’s golf habit has now cost Americans the “equivalent of 296 years of the $400,000 presidential salary that his supporters often boast that he is not taking.”

And not only are taxpayers footing the bill, but at least several million of those dollars have gone straight into Trump’s own coffers, due to Secret Service agents, White House staff, and other administration officials staying and eating at his hotels and golf courses.

HuffPost noted that at this point in former President Barack Obama’s first term, he had spent 88 days golfing. As for Trump, Saturday marked his 227th day on one of his own golf courses.

At his current pace, Trump “will surpass in just one term the total number of days Obama spent golfing over two full terms — despite having repeatedly criticized Obama for playing too much golf and having promised, as a candidate, that he would be too busy to play any golf at all.”

In addition, the expenses related to Trump’s golf habit over his first three years in office — including security and travel — have already exceeded “an estimate of eight years worth of expenses incurred by Obama’s family travel by millions of dollars.”

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I hate to see the bill if he had nothing to do but golf. Seeing how he said before he was elected "I won't have time to golf , I'll be to busy" .

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