Trump’s UN Pick Withdraws Herself From Consideration For Post

Screengrab / CBS Philly / YouTube

Nauert has withdrawn herself from consideration after it was discovered she had employed someone without a US work visa.

President Trump’s pick for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Heather Nauert, withdrew herself from consideration on Saturday. According to The Washington Post, a number of complications arose during her nomination.

For one, it was found that Nauert had hired a foreign-born nanny who did not have a proper work visa for the U.S. It was also reported that Nauert did not pay taxes on the nanny during this time. Not only this, but Nauert’s paperwork was never made available for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“There clearly is a problem when you don’t send her paperwork over for a critical post. This isn’t an ambassador to wherever, this is a global-stage role. And you don’t go around telling the world ‘this is going to be my nominee’ and then never send anything over.” -Sen. Robert Menendez

Her nomination was also met with a lot of skepticism from Democrats, with many citing that her former work with Fox News and as Spokesperson for the State Department is much different than the role of ambassador to the UN. In her statement withdrawing herself from consideration, she stated, “it is in the best interest of my family.”

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