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The former U.S. ambassador to Canada is moving on to bigger and better things as she steps into the post of United Nations ambassador, but it does not appear that Kelly Craft is overly familiar with the international body.

According toVox, Craft “revealed at her hearing that she doesn’t have a great grasp on some of the workings of the United Nations.”

Taking on a position generally reserved for individuals with extensive foreign policy or diplomatic experience, Craft largely will be learning on the job. During her confirmation hearing, the wife of coal magnate Joe Craft said she would advocate for human rights via the UN Security Council — a body that does not focus on this issue.

Craft’s comment came as she “downplayed the US’s decision to leave the UN Human Rights Council last year.”

Senate Democrats voiced plenty of concern over her appointment to the high-profile role, both due to Craft’s lack of experience as well as her attendance as the ambassador to Canada: “State Department records showed that Craft had been absent for more than 300 days between October 23, 2017, and June 19, 2019.”

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