Trump's Top Economic Adviser Quotes A Non-Existent Economist In His Books

Screengrab/CBS News/YouTube


Peter Navarro is fond of quoting the imaginary Ron Vara, whose name happens to be an anagram of Navarro.

President Donald Trump is known to have used aliases over the years to promote himself and his business — John Miller, for one — so he probably won’t mind that his top economic adviser has been rocking a similar M.O. for the past 20 years.

According to The Week, within the mind of Peter Navarro lives “Ron Vara, an untraceable economist frequently quoted in Navarro's books whose name happens to be an anagram of Navarro,” as picked up by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Vara often appears at the beginning of chapters in Navarro’s books, penning the epigraph and giving the world beauties like "don't play checkers in a chess world" and "only the Chinese can turn a leather sofa into an acid bath, a baby crib into a lethal weapon, and a cellphone battery into heart-piercing shrapnel."

Asked about Vara — who was described in one book as a "struggling doctoral student in economics" at Harvard in the mid-1980s (coincidentally the same time Navarro attended) — the president’s adviser said Vara is a "whimsical device and pen name I've used throughout the years.”

He added that is was “refreshing” that someone finally caught on to the ruse.

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